Advertising in Radio
Radio has been a traditional medium of advertising in India. ‘Vividh Bharathi’ and ‘FM’ are a number of the most popular business networks of All India Radio.

Radio Advertising – Advantages, Disadvantages
Radio Advertising – Advantages, Disadvantages

Advantages of Radio Advertising
1. Of the various media of advertising, radio has the widest insurance. It can reach any household.

2. Radio commercial can reach even illiterate humans.

Three. The advertisement appears in the midst of an thrilling programme. Therefore, folks that pay attention to the programme also pay attention to the commercial.

4. As the commercial matter may be presented as a song or as a brief tale or in a few other interesting form, it enhances the
reminiscence cost.

5. The advertisement can be broadcast on the nearby, country wide or international tiers.

Disadvantages of Radio Advertising
1. Television has now taken the region of radio. Radio has grow to be a less trendy medium.

2. Products requiring technical expertise can’t be advertised efficiently thru radio.

Three. The advertisement must be brief. Therefore, all of the applicable records can not receive.

Four. As visual results are completely absent, the advertiser cannot expect the favored effect.

5. Often too many commercials are broadcast at a time. Therefore, it’s miles doubtful whether every you possibly can depart an enduring affect on the listener.

Advertising in Television
One can say with none hesitation that the arrival of satellite television marks the start of what may be referred to as advertisement revolution.

Every satellite tv for pc TV channel is flooded no longer handiest with interesting programmes however additionally with numerous classified ads by using Indian in addition to international corporations.

Television Advertising – Advantages, Disadvantages
Television Advertising – Advantages, Disadvantages

Advantages of Television Advertising
1. Like radio, television additionally gives a much broader coverage. These days television is a common family object.

2. Television advertising can attain every one such as the illiterate humans.

Three. Both audio in addition to visible consequences may be created via television. Therefore, the advertiser can create the fine impact at the viewers.

4. The advertiser can select the programme in which he wants to promote it. He also can choose the channel and put it on the market so as to create the quality viable effect on the humans. Goods supposed for children may be better advertised inside the ‘Cartoon network Channel.

Five. It is also possible for the advertiser to sponsor a popular programme. As a end result, his product will become recognized with
the programme. This, certainly, is beneficial for the advertiser. For example, ‘Airtel – Super Singer’, has end up a totally popular programme on ‘Vijay TV’.

Disadvantages of Television Advertising
1. Television advertising and marketing may be very expensive.

2. Advertisements within the midst of interesting programmes best irritate the viewers. Using the faraway, they both switch off the TV or exchange the channel in the course of advertisements.

3. Too many commercials at a time may not deliver prominence for any person.

Four. As television advertisement is pricey, it has to be short. Therefore, every relevant facts about the product can’t take delivery of.

5. There is also a complaint that the audio-visible consequences are used to glorify a no longer so excellent product.