There are several techniques in exercising your face, and most of them are reasonably easy and simple to do. You can start your facial exercises with this popular movement: pull down the muscle just above the eyes, use your index finger while doing this, and raise your eyebrows. This exercise will keep your forehead firm.

Tapping your face helps in promoting good blood circulation in your facial area. To do this, use your middle finger to tap your brow bone, nose bridge, laugh lines, and the region below your eyes. The method of tapping is done by putting your finger in your skin as if checking the temperature.

For a more radiant facial skin there is the ear massage wherein you use your index finger and thumb to massage the ears from the tip to the lobes including the rim of the ears. To avoid wrinkles on the other hand, you just need to press on your temples using the palm and finger tips and lifting the temples upwards. Pausing for a couple of seconds and repeating a few times to maximize the effect.

Opening your mouth as wide as you can is another form of facial exercise. This will relax the muscles in your face, blood circulation improvement and gives you tranquility. Other facial exercises with the same effect include pinching your cheeks multiple times, breathing out through the mouth while opening it as wide as possibly can with your tongue stick out and stretched to its limit. The listed routines here are just some of the facial exercise techniques that you can do so that you can have that youthful and radiant glow inside and out.