Truckers are one of the most essential components of everyday life and are prominent in so many sectors of industry including retail, automotive, manufacturing, food and dining. The lifestyle of a trucker has an element of glamor in it that attracts many young drivers into the market. For example, truck drivers get amazing opportunities to tour various parts of the nation, while developing stellar driving abilities. However, as with all careers, there are upsides and downsides to a career in trucking, which is the highlight of this article.

Advantages of a Career in Trucking

The first major advantage of a career in trucking is that the supply and demand is in favor of demand. Jobs are very easy to locate due to very high demand and minimal qualifications are often necessary to snatch them.

Yes, the days can be very long and arduous but if you think about it, all you’re really doing is driving – and for just that you can make yourself a handsome income without every really burning out. Many first-timers make up to $45,000 their first year and $55,000 their second. Furthermore, you don’t have any other expenses to worry about, so you can save up quite a bit during your years of work in the business. No automobile payments, utilities, insurance, or even rent – and some businesses allow you to take your truck home, so you may not even require a car!

By signing up with a reputable company, you will also be well taken care of in terms of equipment. Many trucks are rarely more than 3 years of age so they may feel like brand new.

Most truck stops are also open 24/7, so there will always be a wide range of fun people you can meet and talk to. So, we’ve covered a few of the upsides, now let’s move onto the downsides.