When it comes to manipulating data by using various tools and algorithms, Data Science is a term that comes into the picture. It includes conceptual aspects of data analysis, statistics and machine learning. It tackles two kinds of data: the structured and unstructured. Generally, the data we see or deal with every day is small in size, which is mostly structured, but the data in the industries are mostly semi-structured or unstructured. To handle this, data science is utmost required.

Why Data Science is needed in today’s scenario?

The main reason that why data science fits in the present scenario is the rapid growth in data on a daily basis. The generation of data is done from various sources such as multimedia forms, text documents, financial logs, etc. Ordinary tools are unable to process such large variety and quantity of data. That’s why we require some advanced, smart tools and modernized algorithms to process these data in an efficient way and draw significant results out of it.