Any thriving business depends heavily on communication, both within the boundaries of the business and outside the boundaries of the business. In effective communication can lead to large losses and delays if not disasters. With so much competition in the market at the moment, no business would want to lose an edge to its competitor.

For businesses that truly understand the value of fast, secure, and effective communication fibre optic communication technology is not only the present but also the future. It features high speed (perhaps more precisely high data rate) of up to 10 GBPS, security and robustness, and reliability and feasibility for longer time periods.

Even medium and small-scale businesses in our current era need to transmit and receive GBs of data every single day. This information is not only limited to communication within the framework of the business but also beyond. Imagine the suffering the business would experience with slower speed and unreliable connections. This technology offer extremely high and unparalleled speeds with unmatched reliability. The previously employed copper cables not only had narrower bandwidths but were also susceptible to many environmental factors which disrupted the information and hurt the reliability of the information received.