Why people or online business advertise “freeiPoddownloads” is beyond me. If some one say’s free then it should be right? If you see an ad, link, classified or even an article and the title say’s you can get free-downloads, then wouldn’t you assume that after clicking that link you would land on a page or website that allows you to download any thing you want, right?

Well how come when you do, it always seems to be the same old story. They all want money to access to unlimited iPoddownloads. Now that’s not free is it?

It just simply isn’t true. As far as most people are concerned that’s false advertising, but the twist is when you pay to join one of these sites, then you can have access to all the free-movies, games, music you want. So the right thing to do and I think and the majority of most people would agree is if someone advertises the word free and expect you to buy some thing then the word buy should be included some how or say something along the lines of “FreeAfterYouBuy” right?