In simple words the Poker Bonuses are attractive free offers to play game with some extra amount. Most of online Poker sites offer these bonuses to huge number of players who are not familiar with the game in the start. This gives them a chance to really learn and apply their strategy risk free. This is an effective tool for the starting players, as most of the players tend to stay and enjoy the Poker once they know the game well enough.

There are different types of Poker bonuses, some sites offer the sign up Match Bonus; this can be anything from 100% of your initial deposit or anything from $200 to $500. There are some sites that offer even 200% of your initial sign up amount too.

The Reload Bonus is yet another fun bonus amount being given to encourage the player to join the game once again. This gives the chance to the players to come back and try their game once more it is often offered to the players when they are about to leave the table.

The Initial signup Bonus can be additional amount being rewarded to the player to encourage them and welcome them to the site. This gives them the more freedom to play more fearlessly without worrying about their initial deposit.