. King Kong

Merian C Cooper as well as Ernest B Schoedsack directed the King Kong film in 1933. The plot is about a group of hunters who discover a giant ape on an island inhabited by tribal people. They capture the ape and bring it to America and they put the animal for an exhibition.

But nothing could match the might of the King Kong as it escapes and destroys the city. The film has sequels but the first film remains one of the most popular films even today.

2. Devil in Human form – The Omen

To this date, the film “The Omen” remains the most successful series. According to the first part, Satan is born as a child on earth similar to God’s son Jesus. The first one in the series had the author David Seltzer penning the story while the series was written by various writers.

3. Gone With The Wind

Victor Fleming directed the novel ‘Gone with the Wind’ (author – Margaret Mitchell) in to a film. The film was released in 1939, its duration is 210 minutes, but the movie had many beautiful scenes and it had ten Oscar awards in its kitty.