Aside form games, music and pictures, load up your Sony Play Station Portable with movies and fully enjoy its features. The PSP has specific formats for movies and requires 320×480 video resolution, therefore using your windows media player to rip movies is not possible.

You will need a PSP video converter software. These are available online and you can download the free trial software to try it out.

The following are ways on how to copy DVD to PSP.

Before we start copying, make sure that you have the following items. One is the storage for your movie files, the 512 MB Pro Duo Stick, and on your computer is a DVD player, a DVD Ripper, and a PSP Video Converter.

If you search the internet, you can also find a DVD Ripper and Converter in one for about $30. To connect the PSP to your computer, also prepare the USB cable. For short videos that last 5 to 10 minutes, a 32 MB Card will do.