Though the guidelines for the game of poker may sound confusing, they are quite simple to recollect and follow once the players are used to them. We’ll try and throw some light on what poker hands are in the section below for the advantage of new comers or first time players.

A poker hand is in generally a technique used to rank the cards which a player has whilst playing the game. In a situation where there are far more than one poker hands of 5 of a kind, then the player with the higher card wins the game. An ace in the straight flush is named a royal flush which is the highest poker hand.

When all of the cards with a player are of the same color, regardless of the fact, if they are in sequence or not, it is termed as a flush. When there are 4 cards of the same rank in hand, it is known as as 4 of a kind hand. Highest card rule is used in cases of a tie of 4 of a kind hand in a selected game. A 2 pair poker hand is one in which a players has 2 sets of pairs with the 5th card. In case where both the players have matching pairs, the player who has the higher 2nd pair will be decided the winner of the game. The poker hand in which the player gets one pair of matching cards and the other 3 cards are dissimilar is named the pair hand.

3 of a kind poker hand contains 3 similar ranked cards in the deck of 5 that the player has. If there’s more than one player with high card hands, the second highest card decides the winner of the game. Players new to the game or playing for the 1st time will find the info extremely helpful and handy and is going to enable them to enjoy their game better.