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A bedsit, bedsitter, or bed-parlor is a type of convenience normal in certain pieces of the United Kingdom which comprises of a solitary room for every tenant with all inhabitants regularly sharing a washroom. Bedsits are remembered for a lawful class of homes alluded to as houses in various occupation (HMO).

Bedsits emerged from the development of bigger abodes into minimal effort convenience at low change cost. In the UK a developing longing for individual freedom after World War II prompted a diminished interest for conventional lodgings with collective feasting. Bedsits are frequently involved by youthful single individuals, understudies, those incapable to buy their own properties, or those whose occupation is of a fleeting sort; the expense is commonly lower than for different kinds of property. Somebody whose work is a significant distance from their home may now and again lease a bedsit to decrease the expense and burden of every day travel.


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The Canadian and American reciprocals to a bedsit are staying houses and single room inhabitance (SRO); nonetheless, in Canada those vary from bedsits in that living houses and SRO inns for the most part don’t furnish occupants with private kitchen or washing offices all things being equal, those offices are shared. Genuine bedsits are uncommon in Canada however are found in some Maritime areas, for example, the city of St. John’s.[1]

The Australian comparable to bedsit is called flatette. In New Zealand, the terms bedsit and granny level are utilized conversely.

A bedsit can likewise be contrasted with a Soviet mutual loft, where a typical kitchen, washroom, latrine, and phone are shared by a few families, every one of which lives in a solitary room opening up onto a typical lobby.

In Nigeria, a comparative likeness a bedsit is the up close and personal high rises, where a gathering of a couple of room condos have their passages confronting each other along a walkway, which prompts the fundamental passageway of the structure wherein the lofts are found. The condos, which regularly have shared washrooms and kitchen spaces, are low lease and are normally utilized by the low-pay occupants in light of their affordability.[2]

Bedsits were once regular in Dublin and different towns in Ireland, despite the fact that they had been unreasonable to actualize after the presentation of arranging authorization in 1963. Bedsits were prohibited in 2008 by the Housing (Standards for Rented Houses) Regulations 2008,[3] with an eliminate date of February 2013. The Health Service Executive and affirmed lodging bodies can at present offer comparable convenience, which is generally utilized as crisis convenience for the destitute. In 2013, guidelines came into power in Ireland, under which landowners were obliged to give each inhabitant a different restroom, a four-ring cooker, admittance to clothing offices and other fundamental offices, or danger being fined up to €5,000. Bedsits have since been banned in the Republic.[4]