Texas Hold Em is a particular variation of Poker and has fast become one of the most, if not the most popular, Poker game in the current tournament circuit.

Texas Hold Em can be played by a small group or even a group as large as 22 people. You would not even need a dealer since the role can be assigned and rotated among players with the use of a dealer button which serves as a mark on who the current dealer is for a particular game.

A great deal of strategy kicks in when you start with the opening hand of five cards with the available option of requesting for additional hits of up to two cards for a total hand of seven.

Some think that staying in the game is a function of pure luck, but most people will disagree. Holding your own and being able to manage other players by betting strategically is where you will see the true art and skill involved in the game of Poker.

When starting, consider the number of players on a given table, the table size so it’s called. Never join a table which is too crowded since this will surely present tactical problems. Elbow room should be sufficient especially because you would not want other players getting peeks regarding the hand that you’re playing!

Keep your focus on the main objective of Texas Hold Em which is getting the best card hand among other opponents or if not, trying to make them think that you have the best hand for them to fold and for you to stay in the game.

It is better to play with relatively fewer hand changes, betting strongly and occasionally raising the ante to increase the pot. This will show other players that you are playing with a relatively strong hand!

When the cards are dealt to players, the dealer leaves two face up cards and three face down cards in the middle of the Poker table. Initial bets are drawn from each player situated around the table. When the third card is placed face up, the next round of betting ensues. This will repeat until the fifth and final card in the middle of the table has already been revealed.