Promote Your Business Expertise on Your Local Radio Station

If you are in business of any kind you can use this method for marketing and to promote your business. It is totally free publicity and you can promote your business on the local radio station extremely effectively. In fact, if you do this well, there is nothing that can accelerate your business more.

Being the expert on your Local Radio is even better for promoting your business than being the expert in the local newspaper. It is harder to do this on radio than in the newspaper and some people may feel that this method is not for them . However, if you are able to do this then the marketing Your Local News effect of the free publicity on your business can be unbelievable.

All radio stations are looking for effective ways of filling the airspace between adverts. Becoming the local expert on the radio in your own specialty is relatively straightforward and is totally free publicity. You will need to know your subject and be confident in talking about it. You will also need to have some interesting things to say. Most people work with some kind of script but you should not be reading from it. Just use the script as a series of prompts to keep reminding you of the things you want to say.

The radio station would want you to submit some recorded samples of yourself in action and that might seem to be difficult. After all, how do you provide them with samples of your work if you have not done it before?

You could record yourself using the sound card of your computer and send them an mp3 file. However, these always tend to sound artificial and weak because there is usually a big difference between your microphone and a professional setup.

The answer is to start by offering this service by marketing it to hospital radio, student radio or anyone who is running a local community station (or even an internet radio station). Use this to gain free publicity and to learn the trade of radio and marketing yourself. Expect to be on air for anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes where the presenter will be asking you questions and enjoying some kind of conversation with you. Do not expect any kind of payment apart from the free publicity. But it is reasonable to ask the engineer if they can provide you with a recording of what you have done. The first time you do this you will probably find it both exciting and exhausting. But after you have done it once or twice you will soon get in your stride.

My biggest advice is to just be yourself and not to try to put on any kind of act. Radio stations would tell you that they want you to be upbeat and exciting, interesting, human and professional, but the one quality that stands out is that of being genuine. So just be yourself and try to project that. Obviously you will want people to know your contact details so mentioning a memorable email or a website is easily the way to promote your business. You can also ask the radio station to include your details on their website and if you are a regular contributor most stations will do this.

When you are marketing your pitch to the radio station, prepare 2 or 3 articles in advance that you feel would be suitable and then telephone the station and ask to speak to the manager or assistant manager. They may not be the right person on that particular station but they will know who the right person is. When you have found the right person then tell them in simple terms your proposal and offer to email them a sample. Confirm that you are not looking for payment but want to use the free publicity to promote your business.

If they are not interested for whatever reason, don’t take it personally just try again a month later and again in another month and so on. The circumstances inside the station will be changing all the time and at some point they may be suitable for your proposal. It would also be a good idea if the sample article is suitably topical. For instance if there has been a lot of news about virus attacks, then having an article about protecting your computer would be a good way to promote your business.

John Rees has spent the best part of 23 years working in the Computer Industry. He has provided consultancy for many companies throughout the world. Somewhere along the way he got tired of working long hours to enrich a succession of employers and set up his own successful consultancy business.



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