Discussing the Need for Chiropractic Care for Infants and Children

The hindrance of the regular flow of nerve energy through the spine is called subluxations, caused by spinal bone misalignments. Often times, when individuals experience these symptoms, they are assumed that they are related with severe trauma. There is a common belief that the spine will be affected after carrying very heavy objects or being involved in a traumatic accident. The truth is that normal daily activities can lead to subluxations. This is true for adults, as well as, for infants and children. It is a fact that a lot of infants actually obtain subluxations before birth and/or during delivery.

A C-Section, or Cesarean section, is a modern medical birthing children’s lighting technique that creates irregular strains on the fragile body of the baby. It goes through much trauma because of the use of forceps and other materials and medications that assist in the baby’s delivery. In many instances, after delivery of the baby, physicians hold the baby in an upside down position, putting their fragile little spine in a great deal of stress due to the stretched, twisted and tugged form. Subluxations should then ensue.


It is highly encouraged that parents take their children for a visit to the chiropractor’s clinic, starting at a very young age. Everyone experiences strains on the spine and your children are no exception. The strain from the delivery room is only the beginning. As children are naturally active, they indulge in many physically straining activities such as jumping, running and falling.

Superficially, you only see bruises and small abrasions on the body will only present bruises or small scratches. However, what’s not visible on the exterior, may present the more serious problems. The small bones that form the spinal column, on children, as well as adults, can be forced to assume an unnatural position, thereby reducing the protection provided to the system.

The Effects on Children

Subluxations can lead to varying bodily dysfunctions such as disabilities, disease and other signs and symptoms. The body cannot work properly when nerve flow in the body is hindered due to the brain only getting distorted messages. If your children experience hyperactivity, stomach pain, fever, bed-wetting, sore throat, colds, flu and/or poor posture, they can be manifestations of symptoms that are caused by subluxations. As such, they can be alleviated with chiropractic care.

Chiropractic treatments in children can be employed by initially having the chiropractor conduct a thorough evaluation of the spine. Many of these professionals are experienced and trained to view pediatric spinal problems. Adjustments can be done on infants and children, using light thrusts (pressure usually not exceeding 1 pound) to improve spinal structures and other malfunctions. This light pressure is usually enough to restore spinal joint mobility. Light popping sounds are normal as joints are adjusted.

Children may find the first few chiropractic treatments quite frightening, however, chiropractic on children and infants are not painful. It is a normal thing to see children crying during their visits due to fear of pain. Since children’s spines are more mobile, they only need a few adjustments to be corrected, compared to adults. Still, the number of treatments relies upon the duration of the current condition. Children require re-evaluation more than adults in order to check their progress and to see if other types of therapy are required for full recovery.

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