Effective, Simple & Successful Keyword Research Guide

Is keyword research really important?

Yes its one of the most important research in SEO, picking the right keywords lead the way to achieve the goals you want in search engine optimization. It’s the first vital process which is needed to go for successful SEO. Keyword research could be a tough job also but an exciting one as well.

How to get started with successful keyword research?

According to my own experience, I have divided the keyword seo dubai research in to the following simple phases:

Phase 1: Awareness with the industry
Phase 2: Picking Tools for the research
Phase 3: Starting the research
Phase 4: Making a list of the keywords
Phase 5: Think like a customer
Phase 6: Sending it to your client
Phase 7: Finishing and moving further

Awareness with the industry:

It’s very necessary for a successful keyword research to get awareness with the industry and the products/services your company offers. Have a cup of coffee and get start to know what and where your company does the business. If you are working for a client, ask with him that what he wants for his business and what he has to offer to their customers and where. Once he disclosed it to you, encourage him and go a head for the research.

Tools for the research:

“Which Keyword’s research tool will I use?” a question that is asked often. Well, I personally use Google AdWords tool for years now, and have been getting very best results with the research. There are some other tools which aren’t bad though, e.g. keyworddiscovery etc. but I would recommend the Google AdWords tool, which shows the search volume in figures as well nowadays and shows a huge data for the relevant keywords.

Starting the research with tools:

Before searching a term, make sure to take a very close look of the page you are doing keyword research for. Look what the page actually offer and where. Then search the primary keyword and the tool will let you give the relevant keywords to the term. Do various searches with different primary keywords and note them in an excel sheet.

Making a list for the keywords:

Make a list of the keywords you feel will be worthy and helpful for your business with their search volume by the keyword research tool. Keep the keywords separated e.g. if you offer consumer electronics, make a section for keywords related to corded phones, cordless phones, computer accessories etc.

Think like a customer:

Think like a customer, if you had to buy the same products what would you search? And as add such keywords in the list.

Sending it to your client:

Check thrice the list and send that to your client to make sure you haven’t missed any keyword.

Finishing and moving further:

Once you got the final list from your client, finalize it and move further to your on page optimization according to the targeted keywords, e.g. start creating quality and unique content, meta tags, use the important keywords in Headings, bold etc and as start your off page optimization according to the research.



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