Social Marketing – How to Generate Targeted Traffic

Social marketing is being used more and more as one of the key tasks in internet marketing for increasing web traffic. Social sites such as Digg are starting to see more and more internet marketers entering the network – for the purpose of pitching their products.

These marketers are on the hate list of the real community who are using the social sites for information and fun. It doesn’t need to be like this. Social marketing can be used effectively by internet marketers and also they don’t need to be annoying and get their accounts banned.

The purpose of social sites is to provide information for the community and enjoying the valuable information you get for yourself. onzepagina Accounts are being banned because marketers are only voting for their own articles or websites and they only appear in the community just to advertise their own products.

What you can do is participate in the community. Here is a list of tasks you can carry out daily for social marketing.

Social Marketing Daily Tasks

1. Completely fill out your profile for the social sites. Enter the details like you would if you want to be really involved in the community.

2. Visit the social sites daily if possible. Vote for other members’ web pages and provide comment.

3. The task should be around 5 minutes for each social site. Some voting and then some comments. This will make your account look genuine and you are providing value to the community.

4. Divide your time spent on social sites evenly so that you don’t neglect any sites.

5. After a month or 2, check on your web traffic statistics. See which social sites are giving you the web traffic so you can spend more time on them.

6. For sites which are hardly giving you any traffic after a month, you can start neglecting them and do something else.

7. For these tracking tasks, use Google Anayltics and MyBlogLog.

8. Whenever you have time, provide some value to the community in the social sites. Join groups and make some comments.

9. When you have a great blog post or article created, use all the social sites and bookmark them. Make comments and tell others to do the same for you who you have bookmarked. This is why it is crucial to socialize in the communities. People will take note of your stuff.

There are many social sites so it seems like a mountain of a task to participate in all of them. But that is not the case. You only participate in a certain number of sites depending on how much you can handle.

This goes back to the simple rule of scheduling your tasks. Whenever you see a big project, you won’t feel like doing it because it seems overwhelming. When you break it down into smaller tasks and giving each task a set date, everything seems a lot easier.

So for your social marketing, set out a timetable for which social sites you’ll visit on which date. For example, you may visit 8 social sites on Monday and then again on Wednesday. For Tuesday you could spend time on exploring 3 more social sites. Setting aside 15 minutes for each site. Having such a schedule, you’ll be more motivated to socialize and have a planned attack.

Do your monthly review and don’t work on the sites that are not driving you traffic. Using the above techniques, you’ll generate traffic from social sites, build a good community of people who are following you and have fun. Social marketing works very well with article marketing. You need to read up on article marketing and learn how to market your articles so you can work it together with social marketing to drive more targeted traffic to your website.

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