CD Jewel Cases and Biodegradable Plastic

If you are an environment buff, those CD jewel cases that are no doubt made of plastic that you bought from the store with your CD is more of an eyesore to you than to most people, most especially if you have accumulated quite a stack of them and are on a pile on your floor next to where you regularly use them or on a CD rack. Chances are it bothers you a lot more when one of your CD jewel cases have significantly taken on some damage and you are left with no choice but to dispose of this non-biodegradable mini-plague to the environment because the integrity and safety of your CD is at risk. And maybe you did get that CD at quite a hefty price.

If the environment and its welfare is your concern, you are thankfully not alone. People from all over the world have also been demonstrating against the improper disposal of these CDs, bound to pollute Mother Nature and cause its untimely demise. CD jewel cases are manufactured by the billions and by hundreds of companies that consider these a source of big profit due to their constant need because of the growing technology, music and entertainment industry. CD cases, although usually manufactured at a considerably small size of 142 x 123 x 10 mm, will collectively cause a major concern for proper waste disposal and biodegradability.

Thankfully enough, protesters are not only heard, but joined by the same people who have the means to develop technology that really does help the environment. CD cases are obviously made of plastic, but have you heard of the innovation of biodegradable plastic? One may think, “plastic is plastic” but that is no longer entirely true. Biodegradable plastic pens, biodegradable plastic bags and now those plastic coated eating utensils are turning green with biodegradable plastic. CD cases are not exempt from this, since biodegradable plastic is meant to reduce the mass production industry of plastic that would take hundreds of years to dissolve while they are stuck in landfills.

Biodegradable plastic, when disposed of, will break down in the manner scraps of food and waste from your yard would. CD cases made of biodegradable plastic need not ever be a problem for waste disposal and its potential for endangering the environment is actually reversed. These biodegradable plastic CD jewel cases are made of fibers that our nature itself has provided us with; something you can search on the internet called “hemp plastics.”

Your CD jewel cases will basically be made of plants, and the proper production procedures for making your CD jewel cases of plants are not going to rot without composting them either. They are durable and need never to bother you about the environmental concerns that they raise. In fact, biodegradable plastic and other alternative plastics use less than half of the chemicals and products that are used to make the non-biodegradable type, and that means from the very start, your biodegradable CD case contributes greatly to the environment.

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