Tips To Highly Successful Venue Event Planning

In order to ensure that your event turns out as well as you have planned, it is important that you make sure that you communicate well with your venue contact or coordinator. Even if there are issues that arise with the planning of your event, you want to be able to iron out as many wrinkles as you possibly can. Oftentimes, this is not as difficult as it may seem. Venue coordinators are usually very willing to work with you, providing your requirements are not outside of their ability. Here are some ways to smooth things over to ensure that your relationship with your venue coordinator works out wonderfully.

Set realistic goals.┬áThe last thing you want to do is disappoint your guests or yourself by not setting realistic goals. Don’t over promise, but always deliver on your promises. Write down what you wish to accomplish, and do your best to make sure that it happens, without excuses. When you’re realistic about your goals, and you don’t over promise, you always give room for small surprises that make you look like a superstar rather than a disappointment.

Research. Your research is most important in your planning process, and it’s the key to making sure that your event is a great success. Research what you’ll need, and work with your vendor coordinator to ensure that your ideas are suitable for your venue. Your research will provide you with information necessary to present the best ideas for your event, and will ensure you a higher response rate.

Make it fun. People resent stuffy and boring events, so plan yours to include fun. Find ways to inject appropriate activities into the event that will keep your guests interested. Your planned event can include examples of humorous stories, skits, fun raffles or drawings, if they fit. Talk with your venue coordinator about these ideas so that accommodations are readily available.

One signature game that I have done for various events is Win, Lose or Draw. The speaker writes down the name of one item on a slip of paper (one for each table at the event), and places it in a box, hat, or something to pick from. Each table will represent a team, and will need to choose someone from their team to pick from the hat. When the nominated person picks, he will need to draw, on a whiteboard, a representation of what is on his paper within 30 seconds, and his table will have to guess what he’s drawn. The table who guesses the fastest wins. This game has been a lot of fun for guests, and it is a great ice breaker.

Create and Stick to a Budget. I can’t emphasize this enough. A good budget is a part of good planning. When you did your research, you should have included the cost for your needs. This is what helps you to create your necessary budget. Find sales and discounts to save money and stay below your budget. Occasionally, you may find that something comes up that you did not anticipate. Researching the best price and saving where you can will help you to make amends for those things that come up, without going over.


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