Art Deco Engagement Rings Inspired by The Great Gatsby

The director, Baz Lurhmann’s recent movie ‘The Great Gatsby’, was certainly overflowing with eye-candy for all jewellery fanatics (and DiCaprio was an added bonus). In true Lurhmann fashion, the movie was a feast for the eyes with brilliant colour and vivid imagery from beginning to end. However, not all the credit can go to Luhrmann’s signature directorial style. The movie’s costume director, Catherine Martin, stayed true to the stylistic character of the period especially with regards to the jewellery. And although you may not be able to snag your DiCaprio from the film, inspiration for art deco engagement rings was in abundance.

The roaring 20’s was a period of bazinga opulence and decadence. Art deco engagement rings embodied all the new trends in fashion and design as well as social attitudes of the time. Brides-to-be were rejecting the understated, demur styles of the previous decade and began to demand shimmering, colourful, jewel-encrusted rings that screamed pure-glamour. As Daisy accurately portrays in the movie, there was no such thing as too many jewels. The iconic headpieces of the day were sparkling, diamond-studded and dripping with pearls. They were commonly paired with stunning bracelets and breath-taking necklaces too. It is only right that art deco engagement rings be equally magnificent.

The stylistic characteristics these 1920s style rings are very striking. With influences drawn from Cubism, Russia, Paris, the Orient and other exotic cultures, art deco engagement rings are renowned for their uniqueness and detail. Geometric shapes and angular patterns are a signature feature in these rings with Old European cut diamonds typically taking centre stage. The popularity of having vividly coloured stones to surround the centrepiece took off and the result provided a brilliant contrast to the traditional white diamond.

Art deco engagement rings were, and still are, highly prized due to their handmade craftsmanship. Combining high quality and opulent features certainly raises an impressive price tag for these pieces. For example, when Daisy rejects her future husband’s wedding gift of a $350,000 gorgeous string of pearls by tossing them in the bin, it would be worth considering that the same necklace would cost her philandering husband over $4million today.

Art deco engagement rings are certainly growing in popularity these days. Scarlett Johansson and Hayden Panettiere have both recently been seen sporting these stylistic sparklers presented to them by their respective beaus. An engagement ring needs to suit your partner’s style and if she has an adventurous nature, values individuality and attention to detail then you should definitely investigate the art deco alternative.

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