Computer Components and Your PC’s Processor

When it comes to computer components, processors are perhaps one of the least understood elements of any personal computer. Many of us marvel at the latest processor technology and wonder aloud how the large computer manufacturers are able to bring the latest processor to market at such low costs for most consumers. Processors are, of course, and important part of any computer system – but have you ever noticed how many of the newest computers with state of the art processors don’t seem to work any more efficiently than some older models?

There is a reason for the low cost with which manufacturers are able to bring new processor technology to market,  Alphafysiotherapie dansfysiotherapie  and that reason also explains why faster processors don’t always translate into faster computer systems. The fact is that many companies produce some of their new computers with old computer components – such as the motherboard – and the latest processors. The problem with that is that the processor is only able to operate at the highest speed the motherboard’s buss speed will support. The processor can only process as much data as the buss speed will permit – which is why so much processor capacity is wasted in many of the newer computers.

It behooves you then, when building your own computer, to ensure that the motherboard will handle that top of the line processor you plan to use. If the buss speed will not allow the processor to operate at its full potential, then find one that will. When you have selected the motherboard and are prepared to purchase the processor and other computer components, evaluate each of the following elements:

1. Processor clock speed
2. Cache, or number of lines of data in the chip
3. The Front Side Buss, or total of caches that can be transferred at one

Of course, there is a lot more to processors than can be covered in the space allotted here, but you get the idea. Do your homework before buying, and ensure that you plan carefully so your processor works seamlessly with the other computer components in your system.

Article was written by Jeffrey Frasco. Visit Computer Knowledge [] For You for information about Basic Computer Components []. Computer Knowledge For You also offers information about computer hardware tips, and a tutorial about how to build your own computer.

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