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I was quite disappointed with this recipe. I made it exactly as directed, but this was WAY too salty to eat! I sadly ended up throwing away half of it because I couldn't stand to eat any more. Two tbsp of fish sauce PLUS two tbsp of soy sauce? If I'd been paying more attention I would have known that all that salty sauce would have made the meal inedible--and I even used reduced sodium soy sauce! How did other people NOT experience this overpowering saltiness???

Eva Santos-Phillips

I added some chopped ginger and cilantro--it was yummy.


This was yummy---with a few tweaks. Added some chopped fresh ginger in with both the chicken and the veggies, added a little sesame oil to my vegetable oil, added a little chili paste, and subbed one of the tablespoons of soy sauce for a vietnamese "seasoned" soy sauce (nam duong) that is very tasty and easy to find in NYC! Also left my tablespoons of the salty sauces a little scant, and added the bulk of a small bunch of cilantro to the final dish. Reheated beautifully, too. A keeper!


We can't have fish sauce, so I made a quick broth with sh*take stems and added about 1/4 cup of that.

Added ginger, garlic, half an onion, halved baby bok choi, and cilantro.

Used a full box of noodles (1lb).

It was ok. Definitely needed the flavor from onion, ginger and garlic. Will make again with other veggies.


I don't understand when the chicken is supposed to be fully cooked. According to the recipe, you remove it from the pan first when it's just colored, but not cooked through. Then you add it back in at the end, but just long enough to heat through with the other ingredients. Am I missing something? It just seems like the chicken will still be raw inside...


Since the recipe doesn't call for any salt, the fault is likely due to your soy sauce. Soy sauce is salty to begin with, and some brands seem saltier than others. So even though the recipe only calls for a couple of tablespoons, it might be the culprit. The fish sauce could also have been salty.


This was a great weeknight meal that was easy to assemble if you have leftover chciken on hand. I like Eva’s suggestion below of adding some ginger and cilantro. I also left out the mushrooms and added small bits of broccoli instead. Slicing the snap peas length-wise gave the dish a nice texture. A wok would be great, but is not necessary.


not really, just not fully cooked (somewhat undercooked) in step 2. The chicken will be fully cooked in step 4 when it is added back to the pan. Keeps it from drying out


We make a variation of this dish quite a bit.
We use a bit less than 1 Tbs. of Fish Sauce (we use a lower salt brand), & 1 Tbs. Soy Sauce, with the lowest salt that we can find.

Light Soy Sauce does not equal low salt. Read labels!

Removed mushrooms. Replaced with a bit of fried tofu, sliced.

Oyster sauce, (again, low salt brand), 1/4-1/2 cup low salt chicken stock, Ginger, Cilantro, green onion, & lime juice, are a given.

Chili &/or hot sauce, as desired.

Sasha FH

I used edamame in place of the bean sprouts, scallop noodles instead of rice noodles and added in some ponzu and sweet chili sauce. (Forgot the mushrooms but there's always next time.) So far I enjoy it and it was easy to put together.


Added some crushed peanuts, used sesame oil and drizzled lime on top for added flavor.


This turned out well for me. Not too salty. I did skimp a little on the fish sauce, and also always use the low sodium soy sauce. Next time I'll vary the ingredients, maybe add celery and use more chicken than called for. Also, the bean sprouts cook too long and disappear. They should instead be put in at step 4, or even some just put on top, uncooked, as garnish.

Iowa Ron

Step 2 seems to say that the chicken will be somewhat raw. Am I reading this correctly?


Was delicious. Next time I’ll sauté some garlic before the veges & try other meats or tofu.

Lola Ansel

I cut the soy and fishes sauces in half. I used tofu and broccoli (both on hand) and skipped the egg (allergy). Jazzed it up with onion, garlic, ginger, pepper and rice wine vinegar. Tastes like my favorite ramen place in SF


Completely confused by the direction to not cook the chicken. Just tossing it in at end will not be food safe. This recipe should be clarified to ensure the chicken is safe to eat.


Many reviewers are commenting that this is so so. My picky eaters went back for 2nd and 3rds, so that counts as a success, for me. As far as my palate goes, I agree with many of the other commenters that this is good, not great. I will use this recipe as a template, and make adjustments according to who I'm serving.


I add shredded carrots and thinly sliced celery. too hard to find fresh bean sprouts that are really fresh so I usually omit.


I doubled the recipe for my family of 4. Way too much noodles! Otherwise pretty good. I added ginger as someone suggested.


I found it a little bland/unsaturated with the suggested amount of sauce, so I tripled the sauce, and added spicy Chile oil with red pepper flakes (about a half teaspoon) at the end. That enhanced the flavor. I used about 1 tablespoon oil instead of 3 to stir fry the chicken at the beginning. This is a pretty good recipe if you crave Asian style food and want to avoid too much oil


Use thin rice noodles. Double amount.Use less (or no) chicken.Double or triple egg.Remove bean sprouts.Double sauce. May not need all.Use lots of snow peas; slice in half.


Loved this! Made per the recipe, it was quick and delicious, great for a simple summer supper after a busy day.


Eh, this was just fine. I used a rotisserie chicken so it came together quickly, but was overall fairly bland. The fish sauce was a bit overpowering. Could have benefited from a few cloves of garlic and ginger with some chili flakes.

Blane W

This was a pleasant surprise recipe. I had tried a similar effort with the angel hair rice noodles without success. I believe it is the linguine style rice noodles that make this recipe a hit! I made it to the recipe specifics with only an additional spritz of sriracha on top when plated. We ate is as a meal instead of side and it is now on our faves list.


Made this tonight. The note about the chicken is really confusing. How do you “shred” raw chicken? I assumed that they wanted it cooked so I steamed it. Until I read the comments. Anyhoo, in the end it was good. But it’s a noisy/messy recipe. Do NOT make this as a first time meal. Make it and test it once before you actually serve it to others.


Delicious, but needed alterations! I prepared the mushrooms using the directions from another NYT recipe for soy glazed mushroom and bok choy, and they were the best part. It doesn't need the egg but the chicken needs more flavor. I added garlic, ginger, cilantro stems, cayenne, cumin, and turmeric to the chicken after coating it in a little cornstarch. Cooked the chicken until golden brown, then simmered with the liquids and some water, with the lid on, for a minute before adding the vegetables


The photo looked good but the recipe was very bland. I added red chili peppers, curry powder and garlic.


Yum! Thanks to the comments, I altered a few things. I pretty much doubled the recipe. Only using a 1/3 lb of chicken just seems like a waste of time! With doubling chicken and noddles, I still only used 1 tbsp of fish sauce. I used sliced green beans, it’s what I had, it was a great addition. I cooked the chicken all the way through in step 1. Before plating, I added another swirl of low sodium soy sauce. I wish I added a second egg. Once plated, added a drizzle of hot sauce. So good!

Jessica K.

Like a few people have said, I think this recipe needed a little more flavor. I added some sriracha and lime juice at the end to give it some more kick (and I added some chopped garlic to the oil before adding the chicken). I also used three eggs rather than just one because I love eggs with noodles. Overall, I thought this was a quick weeknight meal that was satisfying but not mind blowing. I think it would work well vegetarian — to me, the chicken did not add much.


Used chicken thighs sliced thin, didn’t have bean sprouts (nor do my kids like) so I used thinly sliced cabbage instead. Decreased the soy sauce a bit to watch the salt. Drizzled with a little sesame oil chili oil. Made a great dinner.

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Rice Noodles With Chicken Recipe (2024)
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