Seven bucks can now buy you a number of e-books that have become available as marketers have realized that they can reduce the price by operating on larger volumes of sales. Would you INVEST seven bucks to learn how to become wealthy or how to write better articles or how to get fit or how to improve your life or … whatever?

There are now so many very valuable e-books available for just $7 or $9. I have bought several of them and I am in the process of buying several more when I find the links to them. E-books for less than ten dollars are now all the rage. They are a hot topic of discussion on many forums.

Dropping the price down to the cost of a packet of cigarettes or a bottle of cheap wine or a takeaway junk food meal has seen a splurge in sales for many marketers. The $7 to $9 deals are happening everywhere.

I have been very pleasantly surprised both by the quality of information and the content of all the e-books that I have purchased. At the various forums that I regularly visit, many people are praising the authors for making these amazing deals so cheap. Everybody wins. The marketers are selling higher volumes so their names are getting out into the marketplace as suppliers of quality information and the consumers are definitely winning because they can take advantage of excellent information at a very low cost.

When you are able to take information from an e-book or a regular book or a seminar or a tele-seminar that you can use to enhance your lifestyle or your ability to make more money then that has to be a winning deal. And if it only costs you less than ten bucks then it is a “no-brainer!”

ANYBODY can afford less than ten bucks! Is there ANYTHING that you can purchase that is better value than investing in your mind? Those things that I listed above just get shoveled into your stomach or your lungs and they have no lasting effect whatsoever. In fact, in the long run they will probably only cause you health problems.