Sometimes I wonder if Albert Einstein himself could understand the Clickbank Gravity Score and how it is computed and what it means. I mean seriously, I bet the recipe for colonel Sanders herbs and spices for KFC doesn’t have the secrecy of the dreaded Clickbank Gravity score.

So let’s look at the CGS and see what it is.

Supposedly the gravity score is some kind of representative algorithm that indicates the profitability of a product based upon how many people are actually earning money with it. I could care less about a gravity score. When you think about it does it really tell you anything? vortexgravitybong I mean good marketers have learned how to game the system and make the CGS look better than it actually is (it’s really easy to do so), and since I don’t know the marketing methods of what the other affiliates are employing, why would their success or lack thereof be of any relevance to me?

Unless I was going to duplicate everything they are going to do then the CGS means nothing to me. I know I will probably have pitchforks thrown at me but think about it. You have no idea if some guy is spamming his neighbors or paying 10 bucks a click to try and sell something and then whiffs every time. So I don’t want to be compared to that guy?

So what does the CGS actually benefit someone who wants to be an affiliate. Well to me, it’s sort of like rubber-necking as you drive by a car wreck. You may drive slowly by but you really don’t want to be the poor soul being pulled out of something with the jaws of life.’s what the gravity score tells me. It tells me that here’s a product being SLAMMED by a bunch of affiliates, many of whom may really not know what they are doing. So here’s what I do.

1. I take a look at the landing page and see how it’s laid out and see if I can do better…most of the time I can..and you can too!

2. I see if the market has viability outside of the product being pitched…off to doing some keyword research for that.

3. If it looks viable I go back and look harder at the landing page and see just what his hot “buy words” are.

4. If the market checks out, I will buy the product.

5. I tear the product apart and see if I can do better…which most of the time I can.

6. I create my own product in the same or sub-niche and go after the segment of the market that 99% of the affiliates overlook

It’s that easy. So when You are looking at the Clickbank Gravity Score, look at it as a beacon, a flashing light you see in the road. Stop, investigate and move on. If it looks promising, I told you what to do.