A dog lifestyle is something that most of us have had the pleasure of experiencing at least once in our lifetime. Whether that experience was happy, sad or otherwise, it has influenced the person we are today. Owning a dog or any pet often allows us to experience emotions such as love or grief for the first time. It is truly a dog lifestyle changing event that stays with us and influences our lives from then on.

When you make the decision to bring a dog into your home and embrace the dog lifestyle, you must first consider the needs of the dog. Unfortunately many of us have become couch potatoes in today’s TV and Computer ridden world. This does not always make for a good dog lifestyle relationship if you choose a dog that has a high activity level, because one of you is going to have to change!

What do I mean? Well, either you are going to continue to sit on the couch and watch TV and your new dog is going to start going stir crazy and probably chew up half the house including your remote or you are going to have to become active again. This means taking your dog out for walks at least two to three times a day and learning to play with your dog and not sit and watch TV all day.

If you try to cheat and just walk your dog around the house or stand out in the front yard for a few minutes, you will pay for your laziness. Your dog will not get the exercise and activity they need and will most likely show destructive behavior inside the house because of boredom.

A good start to this program would be to enroll in a dog training class so that you can learn the right way to train your dog and you will both be on the same communication page. It will make your job a whole lot easier if you both know the rules and will help you start a smooth transition into the dog lifestyle.

This will also give you a good idea of how much daily activity is necessary for your dog. It’s important to note that your dog needs to do more than just take a daily walk. They need to play and run and jump. It’s really important that they are allowed to do this. If at all possible, provide a fenced in yard for them to play in without a leash. If you don’t have that available, make sure you take them to the park or an open field that is safe for them to play in without traffic concerns.

If you know up front that these type of exercise and activity needs are not going to be possible for you to meet then you need to make your dog choice based on that information. For example someone who is older or perhaps has difficulty in getting around will want to make a dog choice that requires very little daily activity. Whereas someone who is active and likes the outdoors are perfect pet parents for an active dog breed. It all comes down to the dog lifestyle you want to create.

Another example might be if you have been wanting to lose weight