Why Buy our Gravity Vortex Bong
Beginner smokers to veteran smokers love our bong. The clever design and the popularity from the TV hit show Weeds and awarded awards has excelled the demand for this unique bong.

Customers love our bong so much they come back for a second; either to add to their collection or to give it as a gift.
Gravity bongs are mostly used for obvious reasons and are an excellent way to get the most out of your smoke, even with minimum amounts of tobacco. vortexgravitybong What goes up, will always come down; is the main principle behind how gravity bongs work. The bong operates using the same principle.

There are two types of gravity bongs; the bucket bong and waterfall bong. What the two have in common is that they both use air pressure and water to produce smoke from one’s stash. The only difference between the two is the number of containers that are used to produce the preferred effect.

The bucket gravity bong or a plastic bottle bong, a very traditional bong, makes use of two buckets or a plastic bottle, while the waterfall bong uses only one bucket and that is their only difference.


There is no secret, there are many bongs available these days. Just visit a local retailer and you’ll find walls and walls full of different bongs. Everyone has their preferences, and rightly so, but the Gravity Vortex bong is a cleaver instrument that everyone needs to have.

The rich, smooth texture generated by the bong is amazing and what keeps customers from wanting to use it again and again. Gone are the days of building your gravity bong in the garage or basement of your home. The vortex bong is easy to clean and made of strong materials such that it is easily portable. Yes, go ahead and take the your bong with you the next time you head to a friend’s house or just chilling at the park.

After you’ve purchased, tell us how you like the smooth rich taste and how easy it to clean and how portable it is.

The vortex gravity bong for sale is a plastic bong but it should not be mistake as cheap. It’s made of high grade materials. The quality and taste of smoke from plastic bongs are in no way hampered the effectiveness.

Simple Ways to Use Our Gravity Bong
This simple guide on how to use our gravity vortex bong will give you a better understanding of the new experience.

The first step is filling the bong with fresh water, and turning it upside down so the water can flow to the top chamber. To close the valve, you should turn the gravity bong horizontally.
Insert the glass bowl into the mouthpiece, add your substance, turn the handle, so it is vertical and light the bowl. The magic happens right here because as the water flows to the bottom, it creates a gravity pull, that pulls the smoke into the top chamber.
Once all the water has flowed to the bottom, you should take off the bowl, and inhale from the mouthpiece, and you will get a water-filtered hit that will have a more intense, and faster effect when compared to other methods.
You can repeat the process until you feel that you have had enough.
The correct use of vortex gravity bong may sometimes cause a whistling sound from the carb hole and hence should cause no alarm. Note that it is essential to use fresh water every time you are starting your party.

Benefits of our Vortex Gravity Bong
You’ll find that our gravity bong is the best to use for your smoking purpose, for these reasons;

The gravity vortex bong can suit any user, so it does not matter whether you are a veteran or a beginner. Don’t make a gravity bong, start using on fo the bests in the industry. Smoking with a pipe can be challenging for a beginner since it is not filtered, but the vortex bong provides a smooth smoke that is friendly to the user.

If you are a veteran user, and you are looking to upgrade your smoking experience, you have the rights choices. Even though the vortex bong may be small in size, it is designed to maximize pulling efficacy, and you can get up to 10x the smoke of a traditional water pipe in one hit.

If you are a beginner, you may need to take some time before taking in deep hits, but, when you gain experience, you can start enjoying the deep sensations.

Due to bong’s small size, you can carry it wherever you go conveniently. Packing the bong is simple, and its lightweight nature makes it more portable, unlike most of the other bongs available in the market.