Free Zune downloads – it’s what you want for your new Zune isn’t it? Maybe not.

Yes, you can find free Zune download sites, but they tend to be a little shaky legally, the quality isn’t that good, and the selection tends to be a little hit and miss. Most of these free sites are pirate sites with stolen, or illegal copies of songs and movies. Plus they also have a wide selection of viruses and spyware!

You don’t want those sort of files on your PC or your Zune. One of the best things about the Zune is the 3″ screen that looks great and means you can really enjoy movies. When converting movies for the Zune you will need to convert them to make the files smaller but the screen is so good you won’t notice the difference.

There are free downloads available for your Zune that are OK to use. Most of them are applications and utilities, such as file converters. You can find some free music and video content to download but it’s not much. The lion’s share of them are indy and underground tracks from little known bands, which are quite good but it’s not a huge selection.