Creating Killer Landing Pages: 9 Ways to Shine

A landing page is a single web page that appears when a potential customer clicks on an ad or search engine result link. Landing pages typically display sales copy that is a logical extension of the ad or link.

In online marketing, the purpose of a landing page is almost always to generate a lead or make a conversion. Conversions may be defined as a click to another page or site, a sign-up or inquiry, a phone call, or even a sale.

Landing pages have to do their work quickly, without allowing visitors to be distracted by other information or links not directly related to the conversion. They have a clear and compelling call to action, and have been tested for best results.

Just getting started building landing pages for your business? Here are 9 tips for making your landing pages really shine.

1. Study the competition: Click through on the ads of your main competitors. Evaluate their design and the process of conversion. Were there places where you weren’t sure what to do next? Compare the competitor’s landing page to your own. How can you capitalize on what you’ve learned?

2. Use the F-pattern. Studies have shown that web readers tend to track through content in a roughly F-shaped pattern. So put your main images at the top left, and allow your big headlines to run right of that image. Put your conversion form or button toward the right or under the headers.

3. Keep it simple. Allow plenty of white space, and break your larger chunks of text into smaller, more easily scanned pieces. Use headlines that are easy to read and large enough to see without strain. And above all, if it isn’t something critical for conversion, get rid of it!

4. Optimize your page load time. Use only what you need to make the conversion. Stay clear of extra or unnecessary images and graphics. Compress the graphics or photos you are using to keep file size small.

5. Connect your keywords, phrases, and even your design palette. You want your thiết kế landing page sáng tạo client to move comfortably from ad to landing page without experiencing a sense of disconnect. They should never wonder whether they clicked the right thing because everything, from your wording to your color choices are connected in each phase of their journey.

6. Remove the navigation. It’s tempting to give people several options for navigating to other areas of your business offerings. But you paid to get them here, instead of letting them wander off, work to keep them on track.

7. Try video. Video may convert on your page better than conventional media, but if you use video, be sure to make it short, playable on-page, and directed straight to your call to action. Above all, test versions of your landing page with and without video and see which performs better.

8. Go the extra mile on your thank you message. People love free gifts that are targeted to their needs. If your client is fills out a form for you, try offering them an unexpected gift upon completion. This could be a whitepaper, coupon, special link, or other bonus that you deliver on your thank you page or through your autoresponder.

9. Create a sense of security. Show people they can trust you. Put a toll-free number (which communicates legitimacy), a padlock image near your CTA buttons, and an anti-spam promise. And don’t just pay lip service to your promises; outstanding customer care is critical to any business.

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