Learning Styles and Kids

Creative kids need to experience life through different learning styles if the lessons they are learning are going to stick. Unfortunately, most school lessons are geared to only on or two types (mostly visual) This makes it hard for children who favor other styles to really grasp and absorb the lessons. As a creative parent (or educator) there are lots of ways of incorporating other ways to learn and give your kids a better chance of understanding.

The main learning styles are:
Visual – Visual learners learn best through seeing. travelguidebook They pay close attention to body language and facial expressions. They often think in pictures and can visualize easily. Visual learners learn best through visual displays including: diagrams, illustrated text books, overhead transparencies, videos, flip charts and hand-outs. During a classroom discussion visual learners will often take notes or doodle.

Auditory – Auditory learners learn best through hearing. They pay close attention to sound and voice. Intonation, inflection, pitch and speed are all important auditory clues. Auditory learners learn best through discussion, lectures, reading aloud, using a tape recorder, and putting facts and words to music.

Tactile/Kinesthetic- Tactile/Kinesethetic learners learn best through hands-on touching and movement. They actively explore and engage in the world around them. This is the learning style least utilized in the public school system and it is often these learners who have the most difficult time due to their easy distraction and need for activity.

With a little creativity every topic can be taught using the different learning styles. The key is to identify the learning styles of every member of the family. Parents and educators can get frustrated if kids “don’t get” something that they view as easy. Often it is a difference in how each of us learns that creates this conflict.

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Did you know that everyone has unique ways in which they learn? In fact, there are 5 learning styles that have been talked about for years by psychologists, academics and others in the field of education. These styles, if used correctly, enable the student to learn quickly and more comfortably. While traditional schools and classrooms are just catching up in the use of these individual learning styles, they cannot cater to every student’s need. So they tend to stick with what they have always used: Verbal and Logical. Unfortunately, some students are not comfortable in those styles and therefore tend to struggle unnecessarily.

The following is designed to share with you a little knowledge and a little help as to what the styles are and techniques that can be used to help your student no matter what learning style he/she uses.

1. Aural or Sound Learner. This type of learning style uses music, rhythm, rhyme, tunes, jingles and such to gain an understanding of a concept or idea. It may sound funny, but sometimes studying with a radio on, really does help the student. It allows them to feel the rhythm of the information with the rhythm of the music and can actually help them learn. Some techniques to use with aural learners include: focusing on rhythm and rhyme; creating mnemonics and putting it to a jingle or tune; have the student record themselves reading their text so they can listen to it, or even see if you can get the text in a Book-On-Tape/CD format.




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