Since the time that the first PSP was introduced, what has captured the interest of many people is not the games that it offers, but rather its PSP UMD movie capability. Just consider that there are more of these movies available than there are games and other PSP stuff. This has also led to the creation of software related to these movies such as PSP Movie Creator and other converter programs.

But by early 2006, sales of PSP UMD movies and other similar products had decreased so much that the big manufacturers were slashing their production, selling the movies at a lower cost and even giving them away. What was the reason for this sudden drop in sales? The reason is quite simple really. The situation is quite similar to downloading songs and movies for free instead of buying the disk. Why pay good money for something that’s freely available online?

Sadly for the PSP UMD movie manufacturers, they seem to have overlooked this rather critical aspect of producing digital products. Just like the music industry slumped when digital downloads gained in popularity, the same has happened to PSP movies. The increase in concealed and unlawful websites for PSP UMD movie pirating is the primary cause of the industry slowdown.