Frodo Biggins played by Elijah Wood giving a top rated movies act and Samwise Gamgee laid by Sean Astin giving a top movies performance, accompanying Gollum come to Mina Morgul.

The Fellowship is at Edoras after the victory of Helm’s Deep and Gandalf the White, portrayed by Ian Mckellen who is good for top 10 movies list, is of the opinion that Saruman will not attempt another attack. Sauron enters Pippins, played by Bill Boyd giving a top movies performance, mind through a Palantir and tries to know about the Ring from which Gandalf concludes that he is going to attack Minas Tirith and heads towards it with Pippin. Arwen urges Elrond to resurrect Anduril, the sword that had cut Sauron’s finger.

On reaching Minas Tirith Gandalfi and Pippin try to convince Denethor about Sauron’s attack and propose he take help from Aragorn but Denethor does not agree. Denethor orders his son Faramir to reclaim the city of Osgiliath from the Nazgul but Faramir and his knights are killed by Nazgul.

At Dunharrow Elrond meets Aragorn and tells him about the Corsair Ships arriving in Minas Tirith and that Arwen’s fate is tied with the fate of the Ring. He also hands him the Anduril Sword and asks him to reclaim his throne of Isildur. Theoden, enacted by Bernard Hill in a top 10 movies role, arrives in Dunharrow with 6000 strong army to ward off the Morgul army. The Witchking is finally defeated but Theoden is killed by him and Eowyn and Merry take revenge by killing Witchking. Gondor is free and Aragorn is crowned the King.