Relax and Feel Good

I love the synchronicity of the universe. I am always being reminded to come back into the present moment. This morning I was feeling restless even after a silent meditation and inspirational daily read message. I decided to get some exercise and bring my puppy for a run with the bike. As I was riding my bike down a winding country road, enjoying the warmth of the sunshine and the shade of the big canopy of trees, out of nowhere, a black shiny car drove by with a Hawaii license plate that said “FL GOOD”. Now at that very moment, I had been listening with my headphones, to a guided meditation on Insight Timer on my iPhone. The narrator of the meditation had just finished saying in his deep peaceful, Australian voice, “Breathe in, relax and feel good.” I smiled as I acknowledged the connection between the guided meditation and the message from the car. I felt my body relax and I remembered that there is no need to be anywhere other than here, and that I don’t need to escape life, my feelings or my mind. Instead, I simply need to befriend them and let myself feel good, and be fully in the moment. I stopped worrying about the future and felt a stillness rise up from deep within me.

Then I considered the various ways I escape the moment because I find it to be too painful, fearful, unknown, or boring. Netflix, food, FB and focusing on others’ problems rather than my own are ways I sometimes check out of life and miss the present moment. Even meditation or overworking can become an unhealthy escape if I use them in excess to avoid entering into the void in my soul that wants to be filled up with love. This pattern of escaping the painful or scary present moment began as a child. My friend’s daughter demonstrates this point.


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