Save Money By Cutting Your Hair At Home

If you’re brave or have a simple hairstyle, you can save some money on stylist fees, tips, and gas – not to mention save time and hassle – by cutting your hair at home. It may take some practice, but it’s possible to give yourself a decent cut.

Shop around for some good hair shears. An online store, My Hairstyling Tools, has a good selection of professional ones as well as ones for regular home use. You don’t need to start with anything fancy, the less expensive models will work fine to start with. You want to make sure you can handle it.

After buying a good quality shear, consider getting an inexpensive drape to keep your clothes clean. A garbage back with a hole clipped out for the neck will do a decent job, but you’ll find that hair falls between the hole and the gap made in your neck area. If you have a good comb and a small hand mirror, you’re set!

Wet hair is easier to cut than dry. Be sure to remember, though, that hair “shrinks up” or gets shorter when it’s dry. Star with cutting a little and then see how you like it before cutting more.

The best way to trim bangs is to grab the section of hair in front of your forehead and twist. Clip off a small amount and let loose of the section. How does it look? Is it out of your eyes? By using the hair shears to trim your bangs this way, you get a natural look instead of a firm line that’s too harsh.

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